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(1) To implement law, regulations and policies of national economic and social development, to formulate and organize the implementation of the national economic and social development strategy, medium and long term planning, main function area planning, special development planning, regional development planning, annual development plan; be responsible for the balance between autonomous region level special planning and regional economic and social development planning; it is authorized by the Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to submit a report on the national economic and social development plan to Autonomous Regional People's Congress and its Standing Committee.

(2) Be responsible for the forecast and early warning of macroeconomic operation of the district, to study major problems with overall significance in economic operation, and put forward countermeasures and suggestions, to Coordinate and solve major problems in economic operation; summarize and analyze the situation of finance and other economic and social development, and put forward relevant policy and recommendations.

(3) To undertake the responsibility analysis of guiding, promoting and comprehensively coordinating the reform of the district economic system and major issues of opening to the outside world, to coordinate and draw up a comprehensive and relevant special economic system reform plans; put forward the countermeasure proposal that consummates socialistic market economy system; Development and Reform Commission(DRC) will deepen reform and opening-up and promote domestic and international regional cooperation.

(4) To be responsible for investment management of the district, to study significant problem concerning the reform of the investment system, to formulate the control objectives, policies and measures of the total fixed asset size and investment structure in the district. To collect and organize medium and long term plan and annual plan of investment in the fixed asset of the district; making an overall plan and arrangements about the basic construction funds of the district, governmental construction fund and central budget basic construction funds plan; to guide and supervise the use of policy-oriented loans; to compile development plan and annual construction plan for roads, civil aviation, water transport; to prepare and implement investment projects for work relief and relocation of Poverty alleviation and comprehensive control of rocky desertification; to prepare annual national production plans for mandatory industrial products and national ordering plans for important industrial products. Proposing the direction, key points and measures of guiding private capital to invest in fixed assets. To direct and coordinate the construction of government non-operational investment projects; to guide the development of the project consulting industry in the whole district.

(5) To be responsible for collect and promote significant projects of the whole district, and to put forward and organize the implementation of major construction projects at the autonomous region level; to be responsible for the planning of major projects, and overall arrangement of major industrial bases and productive forces; to examine and approve major construction projects, major foreign-capital projects and major overseas investment projects within the scope of authority as prescribed; to be responsible for examining and approving the preliminary design of major government investment projects within the jurisdiction of the autonomous region; to be responsible for the layout of major construction projects and the organization, coordination and management of the preliminary work; to supervise and inspect the bidding and tendering of major construction projects; to organize and conduct inspection of major construction projects.

(6) To put forward strategies, policies and measures for the utilization of foreign capital and overseas investment in the district, to formulate plans for the utilization of foreign capital and overseas investment in the whole district, and guiding the investment of foreign capital; to be responsible for the total amount control, structure optimization and monitoring of total external debt of the district. To guide and coordinate external cooperation in major projects in the fields of energy and resources; to guide and supervise the use of foreign loan construction funds.

(7) To take charge of the overall balance of important commodities and the macro-control work; to coordinate the implementation of import and export plans of major commodities and supervise the implementation of the plans; to manage the import tariff quota of grain, cotton and other important commodities.

(8) To formulate comprehensive industrial policies, promoting strategic adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure, put forwarding development strategies and plans for important industries of the national economy, and promoting innovation-driven transformation of the national economy and the formation of new industries; studying major issues of economic and social development in urban and rural areas, and promoting the implementation of the overall strategy for regional development and the strategy for main function area. To put forward strategies and plans for promoting agricultural and rural economic development; To study major issues of energy and transportation development and put forward development strategies and plans; to study major issues concerning the development of industry, service industry, modern logistics industry, high-tech industry and strategic emerging industry and put forward development strategies and plans. DRC will promote the development of strategic emerging industries.

(9) To formulate and organize the implementation of the strategic plan for the western development and put forward policies and measures for establishing and improving the ecological compensation mechanism. To put forward strategies and policies for regional economic development and regional economic cooperation and promote the coordinated development of regional urban and rural areas; DRM will study major issues related to climate change, resource conservation and environmental protection, formulate plans and policies for addressing climate change, energy conservation and emission reduction, ecological construction, environmental protection, resource conservation, development and utilization, and comprehensively coordinate the development of clean production and environmental protection industries. To organize post-disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction planning for especially serious natural disasters and coordinate relevant major issues.

(10) To implement laws, regulations and policies on the development of the national energy industry, formulate energy development strategies, plans, industrial policies and annual plans, draw up special plans for the development of key energy industries and organize their implementation; to study and put forward suggestions on energy consumption total control objectives, to lead the formulation of energy consumption total control work programme and organize the implementation. To formulate energy reform plans and coordinate major issues in energy development and reform. DRM will strengthen energy forecasting and early warning and carry out energy cooperation with other countries.

(11) To overall plan and coordinate the regional railway construction management, studying and put forwarding railway development strategies and plans, and studying major policies for railway construction and development; to follow up the railway construction in the whole district and solve major problems in coordination.

(12) To take charge of social undertakings such as population and family planning, science and technology, education, tourism, culture, radio and television, press and publication, health, civil affairs and sports, as well as the connection and balance between national defense construction and national economic and social development; to put forward policies for coordinated economic and social development and mutual promotion, and to coordinate major issues in the development of various social undertakings; to study and formulate population development strategies and programs and population policies; to put forward strategic and policy Suggestions on the coordinated development of labor, employment, social security, income distribution and economy. To coordinate and promote reform of the regional medical and health care system.

(13) To carry out national laws, regulations and policies on price control, draft local laws and regulations on price and charge control and draft government regulations; to formulate pricing and charging policies of district ; draw up the catalogue of government pricing, government guidance price classification management and charge management catalogue; to be responsible for monitoring and predicting the change trend of general price level of district, to conduct macro-management, and to propose control objectives and price reform measures of regional general price level; to organize the implementation of price regulation fund policies to enhance price regulation capacity; to organize the implementation of pricing and charging policies in the autonomous region, and to formulate and adjust pricing and charging standards for commodities and services under the administration of the autonomous region; to organize the implementation of temporary price intervention measures, standardize market price order, and develop price public services

(14) Exercise price supervision according to law and maintain price order; to organize the implementation of price supervision and inspection and anti price monopoly law enforcement; to investigate and deal with price violations in accordance with the law; to hear cases of price violations; to accept administrative reconsideration cases and appeal cases on price within prescribed limits of authority; to organize and implement price cost investigation and price cost supervision and examination; organizing and implementing price authentication and price verification of property involved.

(15) To organize and coordinate research on policies for national economic and social development. To draft the local laws and regulations concerning economic and social development of the autonomous region as well as economic restructuring and opening-up, and to participate in or organize the drafting and implementation of the local laws and regulations; to guide and coordinate regional bidding and tendering; to organize integrating and establishing a unified and standardized public resource trading platform.

(16) To organize the formulation of programs and plans for the mobilization of the national economy; to study and propose strategies and plans for the economic construction and coordinated development of national defense construction, and to coordinate major issues. To organize and implement the work of national economic mobilization.

(17) To undertake other tasks assigned by the Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region